Steve Gordon

Chief Customer Officer

Steve Gordon

As an avid skier, Steve looks for opportunities to push boundaries, relying on trust, commitment, and expert guidance; he takes the same approach when navigating complex business problems and driving transformative change across global retail and CPG companies.

Steve is a retail apparel, grocery, and CPG industry veteran with over 30 years of experience as both an insider and consultant. Having worked with numerous clients throughout his career, Steve has always been passionate about analytics as a cornerstone of innovation, transformation, and value creation. By combining thoughtful business assessment and education with practical, yet innovative insights and approaches, Steve works tirelessly to guide clients through their transformation journey to achieve meaningful business impacts. Steve works alongside the Parker Avery team to grow the firm’s already impressive client roster, nurture customer relationships, and elevate the client experience. Before joining The Parker Avery Group, Steve spent the bulk of his career as an impassioned customer advocate, helping companies solve high-value business problems through advanced analytics. Steve lives in New Hampshire with his wife and two boys, where they enjoy the outdoors as much as possible.

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