Lou Ann Villasor

Senior Manager

Whether overcoming obstacles, learning from others, or embracing the destination, Lou Ann uses her combined experiences of working in North America, Asia, Africa, Europe, and Australia to bring together a global, holistic perspective for retail solutions.

Joining the firm in early 2020, Lou Ann Villasor brings to Parker Avery over 20 years of combined retail industry and consulting experience, working for such prominent brands as Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger and equipping her with an invaluable understanding of approaches to successful projects. In addition, her experience with both business and IT groups lends to considerable knowledge of what works and what doesn’t. Lou Ann’s love for travel expands beyond business trips—she loves personal travel and enjoys immersing herself in books, music, wine, food, and adventure. She maintains a “scratch off” world map to help her decide the next destination. In both personal and career pursuits, Lou Ann lives by the mantra, “Success is a journey. Enjoy it.”

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