Robert Kaufman

Chief Executive Officer

As an avid runner and tennis player, coupled with dabbling in the art of tracking hurricanes, Robert has a keen sense of understanding how to predict opportunities and threats in client situations—and quickly develop strategies to manage them.

Robert is a well-respected leader with more than 25 years of experience in the retail, soft goods, and home furnishings industries. His experience includes positions in IT as well as executive-level experience at multiple software and consulting firms. Robert focuses on leading clients through the design and implementation of key supply chain processes and system initiatives. His detailed understanding of the issues retailers and brands face provides exceptional credibility throughout all levels of an organization. He is a skilled project manager who specializes in product lifecycle management, sourcing, core merchandising, inventory management, order management, and logistics. Robert was born in Montreal, grew up in Florida, and is a graduate of the Georgia Institute of Technology. Throughout his career, he has published several white papers and articles focused on product development, inventory management, and supply chain execution. When he is not leading The Parker Avery Group and client projects, Robert enjoys running, playing tennis, spending time with his grandchildren, and tracking hurricanes—not surprising as he lives on an island in the southern region of the United States.

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