Dustin Wright

Senior Manager

Dustin Wright is not afraid to roll up his sleeves, both in data-driven retail analyses and tackling DIY projects in his own home.

Twenty years of retail experience have not dulled Dustin’s passion for problem-solving. As an industrial engineer turned retail consultant, he approaches operational challenges with the precision of a craftsman and the collaborative spirit of a conductor. Throughout his career in retail, Dustin has spearheaded an impressive variety of initiatives, including deploying technology across thousands of stores and optimized multi-billion dollar operations. He thrives on translating data into actionable insights, building consensus among teams, and seeing solutions translate into tangible results for clients. Beyond the retail landscape, Dustin cultivates a life grounded in family and personal pursuits. Retailers trust Dustin to be their partner in building a leaner, more efficient retail future, brick by data-driven brick.

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