2610, 2021

Retail Employee Engagement: Three Key Factors

October 26, 2021|Carrie Habel, Change Management, Organizational Design, & Training, Communication, Holiday Season, Retail Associates, Store Operations, Team|

With the holiday shopping surge fast approaching, supply chain issues a top concern, and the stark realization that retailers are still struggling to fill holes in their store labor schedules, it is paramount that retail employee engagement is given top priority. Retailers need to [...]

1410, 2021

Delivering Success: A Best-of-Breed Approach to Change Management

October 14, 2021|Change Management, Change Management, Organizational Design, & Training, Kathi Toll, OCM, Transformation|

Back in our July newsletter, we proclaimed that “software is not your solution.” We received some interesting feedback from our technology partners and colleagues, but we meant it. It is our steadfast belief that regardless of vendor reputation, strength of functionality, and the number of [...]

1110, 2021

The Bright Future of Brick-and-Mortar Retail: Four Key Drivers

October 11, 2021|Channel Integration, Lee Whitaker, Omnichannel, Omnichannel Maturity, Store Operations|

Amazon’s continued move into brick-and-mortar (aka physical) retail can be seen as further proof that the terminal demise of the physical store has been slightly—if not largely—exaggerated. Rather, brick-and-mortar retail is evolving to meet new customer expectations and address the continuous change in the overall retail [...]

1609, 2021

Launching a Best-in-Class Analytics Solution

September 16, 2021|Analytics, Big Data, Clay Parnell, Demand Intelligence, Forecasting, George Arutyunyants, Innovation, Leo Greyz, Newsletter, Retail Advisor, Sam Iosevitch, Tailored Intelligence|

When I joined Parker Avery in 2014, we started discussing bringing in analytics capabilities to complement the firm’s already best-in-class services around merchandising, omnichannel, and supply chain for retail and CPG brands.  Parker Avery’s expertise in business processes, systems, and change management was well known, allowing [...]

209, 2021

Project Planning: Four Considerations for Data Readiness

September 2, 2021|Analytics, Big Data, Project Management, Rob Gentry, System Implementation|

One of the most overlooked aspects that can have significant impact on project estimations and timelines is client data readiness. If proper analysis of data availability and cleanliness is not factored into the overall timeline, project estimates will become woefully underestimated. In this post, Senior [...]

1908, 2021

True Business Transformation Needs Change Management

August 19, 2021|Business Process Design & Transformation, Change Management, Change Management, Organizational Design, & Training, Deanna Emsley, Rob Gentry, Transformation|

A few weeks ago, Parker Avery blogged about the key distinction between software and solutions. We suggested that despite the proclamations of most technology vendors, software alone will not solve business challenges. Solutions will. This week, we take a different perspective on that same theme [...]

1608, 2021

Organizational Culture: Leaning on Strength

August 16, 2021|Back-to-School, Change Management, Organizational Design, & Training, Clay Parnell, Leadership, Newsletter, Organizational Design, Pandemic, Retail Advisor, Team|

Most will agree, this is a tough time of year on multiple fronts. It’s almost the end of summer, and many are returning from what may have been their first family vacation in well over a year. Recent unsettling world events and back to school [...]

1307, 2021

Software is Not Your Solution

July 13, 2021|Business Process Design & Transformation, Business Process Improvement, Clay Parnell, Consulting, Newsletter, Retail Advisor, System Implementation, Transformation, Tricia Chismer Gustin|

Through many conversations with Parker Avery clients and technology partners, as well as in industry articles about the latest innovations and technologies, the words solution, system, and software are used interchangeably.  Despite what most technology vendors proclaim, neither software nor a system alone will solve your business [...]

1305, 2021

Facing Reality: Which System Implementation Activities Should Not Be Done Remotely

May 13, 2021|Ask the Experts, Change Management, Marty Anderson, Pandemic, Russ Smith, Solution Implementation, System Implementation|

Recently, Principal Marty Anderson and Senior Manager Russ Smith got together on Parker Avery’s “Talk Retail to Me” podcast to discuss how system implementation projects changed over the past year due to the myriad of global and national disruptions. During the podcast, the two experts [...]

1105, 2021

Driving Success in 2021

May 11, 2021|Agility, Clay Parnell, Forecasting, Pandemic, PMO, Product Development & Supply Chain, Retail Advisor, Roadmap, Robert Kaufman, Supply Chain|

As we quickly approach the summer season, our retail and consumer goods clients are increasingly becoming more optimistic about their prospects for a successful 2021. With many parts of the country progressing in getting the COVID pandemic under control and as personal freedoms return, we are [...]

104, 2021

Analytics: A Win-Win Approach

April 1, 2021|Agility, Analytics, Forecasting, George Arutyunyants, Sam Iosevitch, Tailored Intelligence|

Recently on Parker Avery’s Talk Retail to Me," podcast, our Chief Analytics Officer, Sam Iosevich, and his long-time colleague, George Arutyunyants discussed George’s continuous journey through advanced analytics. As the firm’s Senior Director of Analytics, George explained how Parker Avery uses a win-win approach to analytics [...]

1702, 2021

Gaining Proficiency Through Virtual Learning

February 17, 2021|Ask the Experts, Carrie Habel, Change Management, Change Management, Organizational Design, & Training, Heidi Csencsits, Kathi Toll, LouAnn Villasor, Training|

Training alone does not lead to proficiency. There must be intentional knowledge transfer and sustainment activities. A few weeks ago, a few of our change management and training experts got together on Parker Avery's podcast, "Talk Retail to Me," and discussed the quick evolution [...]

1102, 2021

2021: The Year of Collaborative Decisiveness

February 11, 2021|Agility, Clay Parnell, Cross-functional, Leadership, Newsletter, Retail Advisor, Robert Kaufman, Strategy, Selection & Roadmap|

Retailers and consumer brands cannot rely solely on past performance to predict the future. This tenet has always been true, but 2020 and the pandemic have intensified the focus and accelerated the need for self-reflection and change. Key Focus Areas [...]

2801, 2021

Overcoming Resistance to Change

January 28, 2021|Carrie Habel, Change Management, Change Management, Organizational Design, & Training, Kathi Toll, Leadership, OCM|

A few weeks ago, on our “Talk Retail to Me” podcast, Parker Avery’s change leader Kathi Toll interviewed change management expert Carrie Habel. The two retail veterans discussed how company leaders can understand and address their teams’ and their own resistance to change.  This week’s blog [...]

2101, 2021

A Game-Changing Advanced Analytics Solution

January 21, 2021|Analytics, Ask the Experts, Big Data, Leo Greyz, Sam Iosevitch, Software, Tailored Intelligence|

On a recent Parker Avery “Talk Retail to Me” podcast episode, Chief Analytics Officer Sam Iosevich discussed Parker Avery's advanced analytics solution development efforts with the firm's Director of Solutions Architecture, Leo Greyz. Leo is enhancing Parker Avery’s “Results as a Service” (RaaS) offering and bringing it to [...]

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