Yehor Brodskiy

Senior Developer

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Yehor is always looking for opportunities to expand knowledge and vision, relying on experience, commitment, and always having a “back-up plan” that can help in the most difficult situations. He uses the same approach to implement complex technical architectural or programming tasks.

Over the past five years, Yehor has designed, built, deployed, and supported technical solutions primarily focused on companies that sell or promote specific consumer-related products. He led the development of high-load systems, including servers for a transportation company and an anti-fraud system for a payment platform. Yehor has also led training for a team of developers. He holds a Full Stack Engineer degree from Israel DAN.IT and continues his development of high and low-level computer languages, database systems, and other key technologies. He lives in the calm and colorful Dnipro embankment of Kyiv. Yehor balances his high-tech prowess with worldwide travel and microsystem design, which is based on autonomous computing modules in robotics.

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