Consumer Goods Consulting

Our approach to consumer goods consulting combines our experts’ deep knowledge with fact-based analysis, proven methodologies, leading practices, and innovation. This produces meaningful results by leveraging our clients’ backgrounds with Parker Avery’s industry expertise, new ideas, and insights.

COVID-19 and disruptions over the past year have substantially changed consumer behavior. Further, consumer brand perceptions are constantly under scrutiny. Leading brands can quickly identify and proactively respond to changes in the consumer landscape and supply chain. Critical to this response is the ability for the entire organization to pivot when needed to drive revenue and optimize margins. This entails business processes, roles, and supporting systems across an entire consumer goods organization to cohesively change course when needed, including external business partners.

To enable this type of collaborative model, the foundational elements within a consumer goods company must be strategically and solidly in place. These capabilities enable leading consumer brands to not only withstand disruption and constant change, but also achieve the benefits of technology innovation. Key foundational elements encompass business processes, organizational roles and responsibilities, as well as supporting technologies.