Heidi Csencsits

Senior Manager

Heidi Csencsits, Senior Manager

Combining deep retail expertise with her vast creativity and a bit of theatrical prowess is Heidi’s perfect recipe for helping retailers achieve success.

Heidi Csencsits has over 25 years of retail experience both in the industry and as a consultant. She focuses on many areas including merchandise planning, allocation, demand forecasting, replenishment, retail operations, and wholesale. Prior to joining Parker Avery, Heidi held key planning positions at leading retail and luxury brands, and she gained deep insights about a variety of retailers and retail models while working as a consultant for large technology companies. She has participated in several industry events, including speaking about luxury brand experiences. Heidi holds a BA from Penn State, where she discovered that a theatre degree is extremely useful in developing real life skills. She received her MBA from the University of Georgia, and currently lives in Northampton, Pennsylvania with her husband and three very spoiled (but very sweet) dogs. When Heidi’s not transforming the retail world one business process at a time, she enjoys gardening, building birdhouses, and watching her husband mow their 5 acres into satellite-visible phrases.

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