Dinesh Helwade

Director of Analytics

Always open to new challenges and experimenting with creative possibilities both personally and professionally, Dinesh’s varied experience brings novel solutions to the table.

Dinesh Helwade started his professional career with Prognos providing demand analytics solutions for leading retailers focusing on revenue, markdown, and offer optimization. After roughly four years at Prognos, Dinesh helped Vistaar Technologies build its offshore price science analytics team, expanding his industry segments to include distilled spirits, online music, and others. Prior to joining The Parker Avery Group in October 2021, Dinesh spent six years at UBS, Switzerland’s leading bank, building and coaching two of the bank’s offshore analytics and consulting teams. These teams focused on client analytics, especially profitability to guide actionable insights, industrialization of data science models, and building feature stores. Dinesh also led company social responsibility and other initiatives at UBS. Dinesh holds a PhD in statistics from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bombay, and he enjoys mentoring young talent, helping to kick start and grow careers in data science. Dinesh lives with his wife and two lovely daughters in Pune, India, where they enjoy playing chess, terrace gardening, and home composting together. Dinesh also enjoys long nature walks, swimming, cycling, and reading.

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