Enterprise Intelligence Hypercube

Enterprise Intelligence for Consumer Goods

Enterprise Intelligence for Consumer Goods

Superior Demand Planning Solution for Consumer Goods

Built with decades of deep experience across a variety of consumer brands, as well as collaboration with global companies and academia, we believe Parker Avery’s Enterprise Intelligence is far superior to other demand planning systems. Our solution is focused on not only deeply understanding consumer demand, but enabling CPG companies to vastly improve how they collectively and proactively respond to the demand.

Promote Integrated Business Planning Capabilities

  • Enterprise Intelligence is the backbone of integrated business planning capabilities by providing a single, enterprise demand signal across all business functions, linking demand need with supply response.
  • The KPI translator allows all business functions to view, plan, and collaborate on their areas’ target KPIs, as well as see the impact of decisions ​in near real-time.
  • A common forecast and demand drivers are seamlessly fed to any upstream or downstream system, making existing capabilities much more intelligent.
  • Our solution provides unobstructed insight into opportunities and constraints across the organization.
Enterprise Demand Signal