Samantha Sorrells

Operations Manager

Looking towards the sun has guided travelers for centuries…Samantha’s deep expertise in managing a variety of personalities and environments, coupled with her bright personality, is invaluable to overseeing Parker Avery’s administration.

With over 20 years of experience in operations and company management, Samantha keeps the widely diverse and geographically-spread Parker Avery team steering on a steady and cohesive course. Prior to joining The Parker Avery Group in 2010, she was an executive assistant to the CEO of Spa Sydell and has also held positions focused on administration at AIG. Before moving into the corporate administration world, Samantha worked in retail management for five years. Samantha attended Auburn University (War Eagle.), and she therefore takes every opportunity to root against Alabama. When she’s not negotiating with the firm’s suppliers and chasing down employee expense reports, Samantha enjoys skiing and scuba diving. She also enjoys traveling to tropical and exotic destinations-in fact, over the last three years, she’s visited Italy, France, England, Vietnam, and Singapore.

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