Luke Vaicunas

Senior Consultant

Luke’s omnivorous intellectual palate, combined with his practical experiences in applied work, enable him to develop pragmatic and effective solutions to clients’ analytical problems.

Joining The Parker Avery Group in early 2021, Luke brings with him several years of data analytics experience contributing towards large-scale research projects for clients. Encompassing information technology, data engineering, classical statistics, and machine learning, Luke’s work has endowed him with an eclectic and potent suite of skills for addressing applied problems. As an aficionado of high-level and low-level computer languages, database systems, and other key technology skills, Luke strives for a comprehensive, sophisticated understanding of modern data science.  As such, he is animated by an indefatigable zeal for matching the right tools with the right job. Luke possesses a degree in mathematics from the University of Rochester and continues his analytical journey by keeping abreast of developments within his field. To relax his left brain, Luke finds repose in savoring a cup of tea and in contemplating good poetry.

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