Advait Chaudhari

Analytics Consultant​

As an inquisitive enthusiast, Advait is always open to diverse perspectives, learning opportunities, and challenges that encourage innovative brainstorming and identify optimal data science solutions to complex industry issues.

Advait joined Parker Avery’s analytics team in early 2022 and aims to empower Parker Avery’s retail and CPG clients using advanced data science tools. He has published research papers focused on computer science and deep learning. Advait started his career by completing his Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Pune University, Maharashtra, India and is currently pursuing a Master of Data Science degree from MIT-World Peace University, Pune, Maharashtra, India. He is an avid birdwatcher, author, and freelance leader for various wildlife firms which train and educate people and communities living in buffer areas of wildlife sanctuaries and national parks. Advait also enjoys trekking in the western ghats of India and Himalayas, and he competes at the state level in badminton, swimming, roller skating, and cricket. He is also trained in playing the bamboo flute and singing Hindustani and classical music. In his spare time, Advait likes to read history and is proud of his ancient culture.

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