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The New Role of Retail’s Chief Supply Chain Officer

In a recent episode of Parker Avery’s Talk Retail to Me podcast, Parker Avery’s Chief Executive Officer, Robert Kaufman shares his insights about the changing role of the retail chief supply chain officer during an interview with media outlet Modern Retail (see the published piece, “As supply chain disruption eases, apparel brands are tapping new leaders to manage operations“).

Robert discusses how changes in consumer shopping behaviors, combined with global macroeconomic events and disturbances have added great complexity, challenges, and risks to the retail supply chain. These issues continue to prevent a reliable and consistent flow of goods for even the largest and most sophisticated retailers and have dramatically altered the chief supply chain officer’s role and impact on the company’s success.

Robert outlines new characteristics the executive-level supply chain and operations roles must possess to be successful as he addresses questions such as:

  • What is pushing brands into hiring new supply chain leaders or COOs?
  • How have retail inventory planning and supply chain planning changed in recent years?
  • What type of qualities are retailers looking for in their new chief supply chain officers?
  • What are some of the major challenges that supply chain officers will face in the near future?

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