How to Overcome the AI Hype and Drive Retail Collaboration

Lately, we have all been inundated by artificial intelligence (AI), from the most obvious ChatGPT to content, music, and art generators and even wilder applications. As an industry typically slow to adopt new technology, retailers have a plethora of modern tools available to support and augment their businesses, from merchandise planning and pricing to fulfillment and operations. And many of these tools are increasingly incorporating advanced analytics and elements of artificial intelligence (AI). By most traditional measures, these systems can work well and be powerful assets in driving competitive advantages.

However, there are a few challenges with AI, particularly when the expectation is to drive organizational collaboration and efficiencies. Some of these are technology-related, but others, more importantly, have to do with how some retailers are struggling to effectively incorporate AI into their business strategy and operations.

Let’s unpack these drawbacks.

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