Five Key Elements for a More Intelligent Retail Enterprise

A while ago, we discussed achievable quick wins for retailers heading into the holiday season. We still believe there is time for retailers to find some areas for improvement and make quick, impactful changes to enhance their year-end results. Additionally, as many longer-term initiatives are often paused or put on hold during the last quarter, now is the perfect time for retailers to begin assessing capabilities to plan and prepare for the upcoming year. There certainly may be ongoing economic headwinds, but this is the perfect opportunity to be bullish on investments and competitive positioning.

In conjunction with process and organizational elements, forward-thinking retailers are including advanced analytics in their capability roadmaps, and focusing on what is needed for a more intelligent retail enterprise. This is not just a technological upgrade but a strategic move to harness intelligence across their enterprises.

You may have seen our recent press release about significant enhancements to Parker Avery’s Enterprise Intelligence analytics platform. This may be a shameless plug, but we are excited about how these enhancements have already driven collaboration and meaningful business results for several Parker Avery clients. (And if you ask Sam Iosevich about what impressive capabilities the hypercube holds, bring snacks—you may be listening for a while.)


In this light, we feel it is important to differentiate how Parker Avery views