The Expert Guide to Integrated Business Planning

Achieve better business outcomes with integrated planning capabilities.

Integrated business planning, or IBP, is a term that has been used across retail and consumer brands for several decades. However, it has varying definitions and even more varied practical business use.

In this expert guide, we provide The Parker Avery Group’s definition and unique perspectives on integrated business planning, as well as common mistakes and challenges we see currently across both the retail and CPG industries and during conversations with our clients.

We also explore organizational impacts and innovations that can help enable and improve this strategic capability, including Parker Avery’s Enterprise Intelligence platform and array of consulting services.


What is integrated business planning?

How is IBP different from traditional S&OP?

What activities are included in integrated business planning?

What capabilities are necessary for integrated business planning maturity?

What integrated business planning capabilities are the most important?

What common mistakes or challenges exist?

What innovations can improve a company’s integrated business planning capabilities?

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