The Expert Guide to Sustainability in Retail

Retailers are key to the global effort to minimize environmental impact, as they are the conduit to the consumer. Yet most retail companies and fashion brands struggle with balancing meaningful impact with economics (revenue and profit). The issues surrounding sustainability in retail are complex, and the answers are either vague, very complicated, or a combination of the two. This precarious definition leaves most executives with a feeling that the challenge of retail sustainability maturity is insurmountable.

As with any intricate strategic initiative, the road to sustainability should be thought of as a journey as opposed to a destination. In this expert guide, Parker Avery explores how retail organizations and fashion brands can start defining and directing their sustainability journey utilizing a well-defined and planned approach.


Why is there an increased focus on sustainability in retail and fashion?

Who is responsible for sustainability in a retailer or fashion brand?

How should fashion brands and retailers get started on sustainability initiatives?

What could impact a fashion brand or retailer’s sustainability journey?

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Robert Kaufman, CEO

Robert Kaufman
Chief Executive Officer

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