The Expert Guide to Core Merchandising

In the ever-evolving landscape of retail, staying at the forefront of industry trends and innovations is paramount to success. While it would be a far cry to consider core merchandising as trendy or innovative, an effective core merchandising environment is necessary to enable essentially every other retail capability. Core merchandising is a very broad topic under which many different functions fall, but at a high level, it represents the foundation or backbone of all retail systems.

Further, the outputs from core merchandising systems are critical to achieving the expected benefits of implementing modern retail systems. As such, understanding the scope and impacts of core merchandising is vital to retail decision-makers.


What is core merchandising?

What core merchandising capabilities are the most important?

Infographic: Core merchandising system impacts and data flows

What common mistakes or challenges exist?

What is required for a successful core merchandising environment?

What innovations can improve a company’s core merchandising capabilities?

Final Word

In this comprehensive expert guide, we delve deep into core merchandising, providing invaluable insights and strategies based on decades of Parker Avery industry and consulting experience. We explore the scope and intricacies of core merchandising, define key capabilities, outline common challenges, and offer actionable advice that will empower retailers to make informed decisions related to core merchandising and other strategic retail initiatives.

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