Next-Generation Integrated Business Planning

Podcast | November 16, 2022

In this episode of our Talk Retail to Me podcast, we discuss integrated business planning (IBP) and how Parker Avery approaches this strategic capability that many retailers and consumer brands struggle to effectively grasp because of the traditionally highly siloed nature of planning.

This episode features Sam Iosevich, Parker Avery’s Chief Analytics Officer, and Steve Gordon, our Chief Customer Officer. Both Sam and Steve have deep experience with aligning organizations’ planning processes around a unified demand signal.   Also joining the conversation is retail veteran and Principal Marty Anderson, who lends an industry-backed perspective from his experience implementing integrated business planning at Belk.

The trio of experts outlines changes and challenges companies experience as they attempt to migrate towards more collaborative IBP, and how Parker Avery’s Enterprise Demand Intelligence solution not only easily integrates into our clients’ existing planning systems, but provides data at levels and measurements appropriate to be used by each functional area.