Project Description

Employing a proven, methodical approach to successfully extract, validate, harmonize, and load master data for a transformational core merchandising implementation.

The Client

A multi-banner international retailer of jewelry and accessories with traditional retail, e- commerce, consignment, and franchise models

Master Data Consolidation Enables Core Merchandising Transformation

The Challenge

The client wished to centralize two separate core merchandising systems operating in North America and Europe into a single new core merchandising system. The effort required standardization of master data and historical transactional data, such as sales history, across the enterprise. Prior to the system consolidation, key data components were held in multiple source systems with significant custom integration points.

Further, the company did not have a data governance program in place, which complicated the consolidation of the master data into a single platform.

The Parker Avery Solution

The Parker Avery Group engaged with system owners in North America and Europe to assess the overall alignment of the master data. The team devised a multi-point validation process to harmonize the master data.

This process included business stakeholder validation at extraction from each system followed by a second validation point before loading the transformed master data into the new system. Once loaded, a third and final validation was performed to ensure load accuracy. This multi-point validation method allowed the team to iterate through the load process and cross-verify the master data from source through transformation to destination.

Parker Avery’s activities during the client's master data consolidation project included:

  • Establishment of a preload and postload validation methodology
  • Review of data validation approach with key business stakeholders, securing agreement for all key data loads
  • Oversight of all master data and sales history loads
  • Identification of data anomalies and recommendations for remediation and alternate sources of data, when applicable
  • Collaboration with the newly established merchandise operations team regarding approaches for ensuring ongoing data quality for master data creation and maintenance

The Result

Due to Parker Avery’s efforts, the client’s master data and sales history were successfully extracted, validated, and harmonized from two separate legacy merchandising systems. With vastly improved data quality, the client successfully launched the new core merchandising solution. The Parker Avery team also developed a critical set of tasks to enable the deployment of a new demand forecasting and replenishment system which is heavily dependent on cleansed data from the core merchandising system. Further, based on Parker Avery’s recommendations, the client is pursuing a more rigorous data governance strategy.

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