Deep Analytics: Why You Need it Now More Than Ever

Podcast | July 28, 2020

On this week’s Talk Retail to Me podcast, we focus on deep analytics. Parker Avery experts Clay Parnell and Sam Iosevich discuss how retailers and consumer brands can embrace analytics into their business models to enable cross-functional collaboration and deliver meaningful financial results. We explore questions like:

  • While the recent disruptions have put an even stronger focus on integrating digital and physical channels and deeply understanding customer behavior, it certainly makes sense to involve analytics to some extent, but are these the most important areas right now?
  • What are other top key areas or business challenges on which retail and consumer goods companies should focus their analytics investments and efforts?
  • How can an analytics system integrate into a company’s existing operating model without major disruption?
  • What prerequisites—besides data cleanliness and governance—are needed for a company to begin embarking on its analytics journey?
  • What skills or resources are critical to ensuring successful outcomes?
  • What benefits have been realized by retailers and consumer goods companies who’ve successfully adapted an analytics-driven mindset?