When I joined Parker Avery in 2014, we started discussing bringing in analytics capabilities to complement the firm’s already best-in-class services around merchandising, omnichannel, and supply chain for retail and CPG brands.  Parker Avery’s expertise in business processes, systems, and change management was well known, allowing us to compete against firms that are literally 1,000 times bigger than we are.

Launching a Best-in-Class Solution

At that time, we knew analytics was a gap for most of our clients. As software vendors increasingly began introducing advanced analytics capabilities into their platforms, analytics quickly found their places or gained priority on our clients’ strategic radars. Further, we recognized analytics as a significant opportunity in most of our key functional process areas such as forecasting and planning—as opposed to what was traditionally a rogue function of the IT department.

In early 2020 we were fortunate that, rather than starting from scratch, we were able to add analytics superstars Sam Iosevich, George Arutyunyants, and Leo Greyz to the Parker Avery team. With an eye to ensuring his team’s analytics solution development efforts closely aligned with retail and CPG business needs, Sam immediately formalized the Tailored Intelligence Advisory Board, comprised of executives from global retailers and CPG companies, as well as other mathematics Ph.Ds.

In the last year we have also welcomed another half dozen or so Ph.Ds. in AI/ML data science as Parker Avery team members.  The addition of these experts to our team, decades of experience, and countless months and hours of development, culminated in the launch of Demand Intelligence.

Demand Intelligence is Parker Avery’s best-in-class analytics solution that we can implement extremely quickly and delivers significantly more accurate demand forecasts than traditional platforms. Further, our artificial intelligence-driven software brings immediate value in improving inventory productivity, out of stocks, and of course, revenue.

If it seems like adding new services and talent in the middle of a pandemic is a bold idea, you are spot on.  But if we’ve learned anything from the disruptions of the last 18 months, we profoundly believe that the strategic use of advanced analytics is paramount to predict the future with greater precision and make solid business decisions based on deep science and the abundance of data available.

I invite you to read our recent press release about Demand Intelligence, and please don’t hesitate to contact us if you’re interested in a demonstration of the software.

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Clay Parnell, President & Managing Partner

Clay Parnell
President & Managing Partner