Project Description

Parker Avery’s artificial intelligence-enabled Demand Intelligence platform drives accurate forecasting and optimizes inventory planning for retailers and consumer goods companies.

Note: In 2023, Parker Avery rebranded the solution to “Enterprise Intelligence” to incorporate extended capabilities such as price optimization and enterprise planning.

ATLANTA, Georgia September 8, 2021. The Parker Avery Group announces the launch of Demand Intelligence, an innovative, advanced analytics-driven demand planning platform.

Powered by artificial intelligence (AI), Demand Intelligence provides retailers and consumer goods companies a workflow-guided solution for inventory demand planning and optimization with much higher forecasting accuracy than traditional alternatives.

The platform uses AI and deep retail and consumer goods expertise to produce a meaningful, market-adaptive forecast that drives demand planning decisions. Along with delivering significantly better accuracy by incorporating external macroeconomic and other relevant environmental data, Demand Intelligence provides planning detail down to the SKU or item level for the largest and most complex retail and CPG enterprises.

Demand Intelligence has been successfully deployed in several global brands, driving improvements in inventory productivity, in-stocks, sales, and margin. Within mere weeks of using Parker Avery’s platform, these companies realized significantly better forecast accuracy, netting millions in bottom-line profit impact.

Unlike other demand planning software, Demand Intelligence uses intuitive dashboards and built-in workflows to promote internal collaboration and transparency. The platform’s seamless workflows eliminate the need for external email exchanges and attachments and drives strong accountability and visibility throughout the demand planning process.

Demand Intelligence’s inherent data governance protocols ensure a solid data foundation and sophisticated data harvesting science accounts for missing data to bolster forecasting accuracy. Further, the software-as-a-service product can be deployed in weeks—much quicker than traditional demand planning implementations.

Led by Chief Analytics Officer, Sam Iosevich, the advanced analytics arm of Parker Avery developed Demand Intelligence in partnership with the Tailored Intelligence Advisory Board, comprised of retail and consumer goods industry executives along with professors in mathematics and data science.

“The key to the success of Demand Intelligence is our close work with several global consumer brands and major retailers,” says Iosevich. “Their industry perspectives, along with the infusion of our advanced analytics into a workflow-driven, intuitive solution ensures we are solving the most challenging demand planning issues for the business.”

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