Project Description

Driving retail enterprise agility and collaboration across functional areas through the implementation of an accurate, stable, and unified demand signal

The Client

One of the largest global retail chains operating over 10,000 stores consisting of hypermarkets, discount department stores, retail warehouses, and grocery stores​​

Unified Demand Signal Drives Global Retailer’s Enterprise Agility

The Challenge

Despite holding the leading market position across several industry segments, the company experienced challenges due to organizational silos with no effective collaboration mechanism. Short-term financials led most of the decisions, and there was no simulation environment available to model the impact of strategies and tactics proposed. This insulated operating model limited the company’s capabilities around strategic planning, decision-making, and execution of key initiatives.​

Additionally, key metrics and analytical methodologies used for reporting, as well as diagnostic, descriptive, and prescriptive studies significantly varied across the organization.  These variations further limited the company’s ability to react to market conditions with agility.  ​

The Parker Avery Solution

Over the course of nine months, The Parker Avery Group’s advanced analytics team worked closely with the client’s data science and finance teams to successfully deploy the firm’s Demand Intelligence platform. The main objective of using the platform was to deliver a stable and accurate unified demand signal in units, as well as to develop a conversion model to translate the unit forecast to dollar revenue. ​

Another key objective was enabling cross-functional collaboration and efficiencies through the adoption of the unified demand signal. Parker Avery’s Demand intelligence provided a demand signal that can be consumed across all functional areas’ existing processes, enhanced, and then collectively inform the financial planning processes.

In addition, the team deployed a what-if scenario engine to test the impact of changes to demand drivers (e.g., inflation, gas prices, customer sentiment, COVID-19, historical pricing) across functional areas. ​

The Parker Avery team provided the following key services:​

  • Advanced analytics ​
  • Demand Intelligence implementation​
  • Project management​

The Result

With the help of a more accurate and stable unified demand signal, the client was able to significantly reduce the amount of time and resources required to build out the strategic plan. Combined with the scenario modeling capability based on relevant demand drivers, the client is now able to drive automation and agility at the enterprise level in a highly collaborative manner. The company continues to leverage Parker Avery’s Demand intelligence platform across multiple functional areas.​

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