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A Strategic Approach to Software Selection

A Strategic Approach to Software Selection

With no shortage of software companies in today’s arena vying for retail and consumer goods companies’ business, having a strategic approach to software selection is imperative now more than ever before.

Whether through mergers, acquisitions, or their own R&D departments, technology companies are developing new functionality to solve today’s most complex challenges across retail planning, merchandising, category management, supply chain, point of sale (POS), omnichannel, product development, advanced analytics, and more. These focuses come in many shapes and sizes, and the vendor landscape changes frequently. The process of developing requirements and narrowing down the vendor list to what best fits your company’s needs and budget can become a daunting and cumbersome task.

Further, with new developments in artificial intelligence, machine learning, augmented reality, and a plethora of new omnichannel innovations, it is easy for a software selection project to get side-tracked by these more “shiny objects.” So how do you choose the right software partner and solution? How do you ensure the right candidates are identified, an appropriate comparison is made, and your internal team takes the right steps to reach the best decision?

In this point of view, we discuss five key tenets that are foundational to Parker Avery’s strategic approach to software selection. Based on decades of experience helping our clients select retail systems, these tenets will ensure the new technology supports your desired business capabilities.

Form the best team of decision-makers

Ensuring the internal business selection team is sized and resourced correctly for the task