Achieve Meaningful Bottom-line Results
with Demand Intelligence

Parker Avery’s AI-driven, industry-proven demand planning solution provides significant financial results quickly and cost-effectively.

Demand Intelligence Solution Overview

  • Fuses artificial intelligence (AI) with deep industry expertise to produce a meaningful, market-adaptive forecast that drives inventory investment decisions

  • Enables realization of financial results, specifically in revenue growth, fill rate improvement, and increased inventory turns

  • Quickly provides a significantly improved demand forecast to use as a single starting point for estimating demand across all functions in the enterprise

  • Incorporates data governance best practices to ensure a solid data foundation as well as sophisticated data harvesting science to account for missing data

  • Provides a workflow-guided demand planning solution to promote visibility and collaboration throughout the organization

  • Promotes exception-based management that reduces manual tasks and allows planners to focus on value-adding activities

Demand Intelligence Results

Within the first few months of implementing our platform, Parker Avery clients have realized substantial financial results:

  • 3 to 4% revenue growth

  • 10 points fill rate improvement

  • 3 to 4% increase in inventory turns

  • 10% profit growth

These benefits continue to improve and are realized through enabling companies to:

  • Accurately predict future consumer demand
  • Quickly react to customer preferences across selling channels
  • Identify and proactively respond to trends
  • Detect and prioritize actions for near and long-term planning

Demand Planning Success Stories

Read how Parker Avery clients have realized significant financial improvements while fostering collaboration with our advanced analytics and consulting services. For a full understanding of our experience, please visit our Case Studies page.

Demand Intelligence Success Factors

The backbone of Demand Intelligence is Parker Avery’s advanced analytics platform that uses sophisticated machine learning modeling with differentiating capabilities. With an open-source architecture, the platform provides a stable and accurate demand signal across hierarchy and time. Advanced data hygiene processes ensure that anomalous behavior, as was witnessed during the COVID-19 pandemic, does not adversely affect forecast accuracy. Further, our highly scalable solution is designed to process billions of time series quickly and efficiently.


Solution Highlights

Click or hover on the screenshots below to understand more about Parker Avery’s Demand Intelligence user experience and functionality.


Why Parker Avery?

For over two decades, our team has been building advanced analytics systems that drive successful demand planning and inventory investments across some of the world’s largest retailers and consumer brands. We continue to make advances in forecasting through deep data science expertise as well as through partnerships with consumer brands, retailers, and academia.

Complementing our Demand Intelligence platform, Parker Avery’s consulting professionals have deep leadership-level experience within the retail and CPG industries. Our deep expertise in merchandising, planning, omnichannel, and supply chain holistically informs enhancements to our Demand Intelligence platform to ensure it continues to solve real business challenges. Where needed, our team brings leading business process expertise and change management tools to ensure adoption and sustainment of new capabilities.

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