Achieve Bottom-line Improvements with Demand Intelligence

Parker Avery’s AI-driven, industry-proven demand planning solution provides significant financial results quickly and cost-effectively.

Demand Intelligence Results

“We were enormously pleased to achieve 99.45% accuracy within the first three months of bringing Parker Avery on board—far ahead of our expected timeline.” – US Foods’ Vice President of Analytics and Data Science

Within the first few months of implementing our platform, Parker Avery clients have realized:

These benefits continue to improve and are realized through enabling companies to:

  • Accurately predict future consumer demand
  • Quickly react to customer preferences across selling channels
  • Identify and proactively respond to trends
  • Detect and prioritize actions for near and long-term planning

Differentiating Factors

  • Developed solely for retail and consumer goods, Demand Intelligence addresses challenges specific to those industries such as margin erosion, non-productive inventory, varying forecasts used across functional areas, and poor data quality

  • Improves forecast accuracy by using sophisticated artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to apply the impact of internal demand drivers like price, promotion, and cannibalization with external impacts such as unemployment, customer sentiment, and Covid-19
  • Utilizes the latest advances in neural network technology to combine the best results of short-term demand sensing with long-range forecasting to provide a centralized demand signal to meet all your forecasting needs

  • Incorporates advanced data hygiene processes to filter data and improve data quality to get you up and running faster with more accurate forecasts
  • Provides a significantly improved demand forecast much quicker than traditional systems to use as a single starting point for estimating demand across all functions in the enterprise

  • Led by former retailers and consumer goods professionals, implementations typically incorporate business process design and change management to ensure new ways of using advanced analytics align with your organization and are embraced by business users

Related Case Studies

Below are a few examples of how Parker Avery clients have realized significant financial improvements while fostering collaboration with our Demand Intelligence platform, advanced analytics, and consulting services. For a full understanding of our firm’s experience, please visit our Case Studies page.

Optimizing SKU-Level Forecasting Accuracy

Optimizing SKU-Level Forecasting Accuracy

AI-Driven Retail Warranty Price Optimization

AI-Driven Retail Warranty Price Optimization

Superior Demand Forecasting Accuracy

Superior Demand Forecasting Accuracy

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