Change Management Services

Parker Avery’s change management services equip you with realistic tools and approaches that will drive your organization to engage, think differently, embrace change, and achieve company goals.

Change Management Strategy

We collaborate with your teams to define a change management strategy by considering your organizational culture, structure, change history, and the anticipated change impacts. This results in a formalized strategy that translates into a customized implementation plan. We can work with you and your team to execute against the plan or onboard your internal resources to implement the plan.

Communication Planning and Execution

Proactive, timely, and relevant communication is the cornerstone of any successful change initiative. We use proven principles to analyze your audiences, define key messaging, and identify the most impactful delivery platforms. As a result, individuals understand the critical links between their roles, expectations, and the change.

Change Leadership Coaching

We provide change leadership coaching to equip sponsors, stakeholders, and front-line managers with the skills needed to guide teams through the change process. We emphasize that the entire organization, not just executives, drive successful change adoption. Therefore, we work with all levels to build their change competencies so the organization can thrive.

Organization Alignment and Design

We assess your current organization’s effectiveness to define and build the organizational model needed to position you for successful growth. We develop the structure, roles, responsibilities, and cross-functional partnerships needed to support the new business processes and drive benefit realization.

Learning and Development

Our learning and development philosophy is built on the critical understanding of adult learning principles. We understand how adults learn, how they recall information, and, most importantly, how they become proficient. Hence, we bring current methodologies, tools, and practices to your teams. This approach provides a foundation on which they can build their expertise and skills.

Change Adoption and Sustainability

Change management efforts succeed only if there is an intentional adoption and sustainment plan to support the post-project timeframe. The sustainment plan activities encourage impacted employees and stakeholders as they navigate their learning curve, increase their proficiency, and adopt new tools, processes, and responsibilities.

Benefits of Change Management

  • Benefit realization six times over not having change management
  • Decreased loss of employee productivity
  • Increase in key business drivers like speed of adoption and end-user proficiency
  • Decreased employee attrition (of high performers)
  • Mitigated employee burn-out
  • Increased organizational resilience and agility

Select Change Management Case Studies

We invite you to read a few of our latest client case studies focused on Parker Avery’s change management services. For a full understanding of our experience, please visit our Case Studies page.

Global Organizational Change Management

Global Organizational Change Management

Change Management Program

Change Management Program

Holistic Merchandising Organizational Design

Holistic Merchandising Organizational Design


Kathi Toll, Principal

Kathi Toll
Principal, OCM Leader

The Parker Avery Group is a leading retail and consumer goods consulting firm that transforms organizations and optimizes operational execution through development of competitive strategies, business process design, deep analytics expertise, change management leadership, and implementation of solutions that enable key capabilities.


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