Leverage Analytics to Thrive Through Constant Challenges

In our quickly evolving landscape, retailers and consumer goods brands are challenged to forecast sales, effectively manage channels, and control inventory while maintaining profitability and margin. Additional emphasis is being placed on e-commerce and direct-to-consumer business, and supply chains are having to adjust on what seems like an hourly basis.

With Parker Avery’s Tailored Intelligence advanced analytics platform and services, our team has the experience to help you thrive during these challenges. We’ve spent decades creating and implementing AI/ML demand analytics solutions that drive revenue and profit for some of the world’s biggest retail and consumer goods organizations.

Demand Intelligence

Parker Avery’s Demand Intelligence software platform is an artificial intelligence (AI) enabled demand planning solution that drives highly accurate forecasting and optimizes inventory planning.

Our intuitive, workflow-guided solution promotes visibility and collaboration throughout the organization. The platform applies seamlessly to today’s changing environment, helping mitigate retail and consumer goods inventory and planning challenges quickly and cost-effectively.

Combined with Parker Avery’s extensive industry expertise, solid business process design, and organizational change management, our clients have realized significant financial results in just weeks of implementing Demand Intelligence.


Our Tailored Approach

Our tailored approach results in meaningful business insights to assist your team in making informed decisions while addressing the demands of urgency and flexibility.

Focus Areas


Advanced Analytics Case Studies

We invite you to read a few of our latest client case studies focused on Parker Avery’s advanced analytics services. For a full understanding of our experience, please visit our Case Studies page.

Optimizing SKU-Level Forecasting Accuracy

Optimizing SKU-Level Forecasting Accuracy

AI-Driven Retail Warranty Price Optimization

AI-Driven Retail Warranty Price Optimization

Superior Demand Forecasting Accuracy

Superior Demand Forecasting Accuracy

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