Integrate Advanced Analytics into Your Markdowns Process

One of Parker Avery’s innovative “results as a service” offerings, our Markdown Intelligence array of services incorporates our proprietary analytics demand platform that adapts quickly to changing trends and promotional activity. Additionally, our team’s extensive retail and consumer goods industry expertise enables us to integrate markdown analytics insights into our clients’ end-to-end merchandising process.

Our combination of advanced analytics and deep industry experience equips our clients with the ability to predict and react quickly to consumer demand. As such, this essential capability allows you to determine the best retail selling price that not only optimizes potential revenue and profit but also keeps inventory moving.

With deployments as few as eight weeks, our approach to markdown analytics allows our clients to maximize time to value while minimizing implementation costs.

Markdown Optimization

Our Markdown Intelligence offering simultaneously optimizes margin and revenue while taking into account a variety of pricing rules and allowing for collections.

Pricing Performance Insights

We provide performance metrics designed by retail pricing experts. As such, this combination of deep pricing expertise and advanced markdown analytics results in a workflow that provides insights into markdown recommendations.

Sophisticated Demand Platform

The underlying forecasts and elasticities are produced using a next generation dynamic aggregation algorithm, cutting edge demand driver elasticity modeling, and machine learning based disaggregation.

Markdown Analytics Services

We package our Markdown Intelligence services to best suit your needs. Deliverables can include:

  • Monthly analysis report of high / low sellers relative to established out-date
  • Price elasticity coefficients
  • Markdown candidate recommendations
  • Opportunity cost estimations
  • Process design to standardize forecast usage
  • Training and rollout support to ensure effective execution
  • Integration of forecast and markdown recommendations into existing pricing / reporting tools
  • Change and sustainment works