The Demand Intelligence Advantage

Driven by deep retail and CPG industry expertise, Enterprise Intelligence is Parker Avery’s software-as-a-service demand planning platform powered by the latest in advanced analytics and artificial intelligence. But it seems like every software company in the industry touts this same story.

On a recent “Talk Retail to Me” podcast, Chief Analytics Officer, Sam Iosevich, along with Partner Amanda Astrologo, and Principal Marty Anderson unwrap the many Demand Intelligence advantages over other advanced analytics demand platforms on the market. This week, we give you the key points of their discussion.

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Better Results through Better Analytics

The underlying demand analytics platform that powers Demand Intelligence was developed over the course of two decades and has been used by many clients across multiple functional areas: planning, pricing, fulfillment, etc. On the pricing side, for example, Parker Avery’s demand analytics has helped clients improve operating profit by about 10 points. By providing a more accurate demand signal for their planners, our demand analytics platform has enabled large CPG clients to achieve 15-point improvements in forecasting accuracy.

Considering that a single point in forecast accuracy can be worth millions in bottom-line impact, the results speak for themselves. On the finance side, our demand analytics have provided clients with a better overall forecast for AOP (annual operating planning) and strategic planning.

Demand Intelligence is a combination of the best analytics in the industry driven by a team of Ph.Ds. who truly understand the underlying math, statistics, and science, along with deep industry expertise in grocery, retail, and CPG. Further, the business process and change management components Parker Avery provides are key for companies to fully leverage the Demand Intelligence platform. With technology’s migration to the cloud, some software providers moved away from offering these transformational services with their products, but in our view, they are critical to take the best advantage of the technology.