Omnichannel and Store Operations Consulting

Delight your customers with productive and engaged store associates, efficient processes, and technology that supports your operations.

We take a pragmatic approach to solve our clients’ most pressing omnichannel and store operations challenges. Our experts work closely with store leadership and associates, typically including comprehensive store visits and assessments to identify and prioritize opportunities and deliver meaningful value to our clients.

Today’s consumers expect easy, seamless experiences that fulfill their needs and address highly variable shopping behaviors, in-store and digitally. Further, they expect to shop effortlessly despite local and global disruptions. Leading retailers deliver these experiences by flawlessly merging omnichannel and in-store capabilities to deliver on their brand value proposition.

Our deep experience in helping Parker Avery’s clients assess and improve store operations, align store and field organizations, develop or enhance omnichannel processes, as well as design and implement order management and fulfillment capabilities enables our clients to achieve these objectives.

Store Operations Efficiency

Store labor productivity, inventory efficiency, and effective store management are critical to successfully delivering on your customer value proposition. Focusing on labor efficiencies and attention to the customer experience, we thoroughly assess your current operating environment and provide actionable, prioritized recommendations that help you achieve solid improvements. Further, we help assess your existing store/field organization and roles and recommend new roles as well as adjusted resource needs.

Omnichannel Order Management

Retailers must constantly adapt to and manage quickly evolving customer order management and fulfillment requirements. We take into account all aspects of the order lifecycle, from initial order placement through final mile delivery and also return logistics. We work closely with your team to outline strategies and roadmaps, define and implement key capabilities, as well as drive agility and resilience.

Inventory Management and Optimization

Managing and optimizing inventory throughout the retail supply chain is table stakes. Retailers must holistically consider demand signals and inventory levels at the individual store level, as well as across the fleet of stores and distribution centers. Because inventory needs vary considerably from client to client and even within a brand, we incorporate all factors related to the unique business characteristics of different retail segments and inventor