Leverage Fulfillment Analytics to Address Today’s Challenges

Fulfillment Intelligence, Parker Avery’s fulfillment analytics solution, reaches far deeper than a system by incorporating business process changes, role adjustments, change management, and reporting tailored to your unique requirements. Our Fulfillment Intelligence provides you with modern and highly adaptable tools to help you quickly and cost-effectively provide meaningful value, enabling your company to:

  • React in near real time to customer preferences across selling channels
  • Identify issues and risks and be willing to follow unprecedented trends
  • Predict future inventory needs leveraging historical trends, evolving market anomalies, and interdisciplinary processes
  • Prioritize actions that need to be taken in the short and long term

Yesterday’s fulfillment assumptions will not meet today’s challenges, and supply chains are increasingly forced to adapt to shorter fulfillment timelines on reduced budgets. Consequently, producing dependable predictive analytics and effectively managing inventory are critical capabilities to staying flexible and meeting consumer demands without risking wasted inventory.