The Parker Avery Group’s RetailROI Partnership

For several years, The Parker Avery Group has partnered with the Retail Orphan Initiative (RetailROI) organization to help orphans, children, and their communities. RetailROI’s efforts focus on Jamaica, the Dominican Republic, Honduras, Guatemala, South Africa, and other locations which have little access to necessities like clean water, clothing, schools, education, and skills programs.

Parker Avery continually supports RetailROI and gets physically involved in driving meaningful projects to improve the lives of underserved kids. To do this well, we strongly feel it is vital to get more deeply ingrained in the cultures, people, and personalities as opposed to simply writing a check (although that’s needed too!).

Scroll through our timeline and please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to understand more or get involved with RetailROI or the JEDI program.

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RetailROI Kids

In January 2021, Parker Avery sponsored RetailROI’s SuperFriday virtual event, which raised over $200K in just a few weeks. This money helped to fund projects for orphans and vulnerable children in the US and around the world. More so, the event raised awareness about these initiatives at a time when many of us were seeking ways to find or inspire more optimism in a highly tumultuous world.