Giving Back and Moving Forward: The JEDI Challenge

Podcast | February 16, 2022

This week, we took a departure from our usual industry focus and talked about an initiative that’s near and dear to The Parker Avery Group’s culture—our partnership with RetailROI and the JEDI Challenge. We began this relationship early in 2021 with a sponsorship of RetailROI’s SuperFriday event, which led to another sponsorship of their March Gladness event. Those two events began a series of conversations among Parker Avery’s team about what more we could do to help, beyond sponsorships, ultimately leading us to create an entrepreneur program for young Jamaicans.

In this episode, we discuss the JEDI Challenge with Greg Buzek, President and Secretary of RetailROI, along with key principals from the Fergus Simpson Foundation, Janeth Brown, Carol and Lawrence Madden. We dive into what our young entrepreneurs have been up to since the JEDI Challenge ended late last year, as well as our plans going forward.

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