Organizational Change Management and DEI Coverage

Podcast | May 5, 2022

In this episode, guest Michelle Bogan joins our discussion. Michelle’s firm, Equity at Work, provides consulting to companies focused on developing DEI strategies to align business objectives, employee experiences, and company values. Equity at Work also supports company leaders in driving the appropriate changes. This episode also features Kathi Toll and Carrie Habel, who both lead Parker Avery’s Organizational Change Management Academy and OCM consulting projects for the firm’s clients, as well as Tricia Gustin, the firm’s marketing leader. The discussion focuses on:

  • Michelle’s extensive retail background
  • How and why she started her firm Equity at Work
  • The parallels between omnichannel retail and DEI efforts
  • How organizational change management can support DEI efforts

Michelle also provides her advice for companies embarking on or struggling with navigating diversity, equity, and inclusion.