Beginning the Journey: Emerge from COVID-19

Podcast | June 10, 2020

For those retailers that are most impacted by COVID-19 and are either completely shut down or only operating with limited direct-to-consumer fulfillment, we can’t predict exactly when current conditions will allow the re-opening of stores and operations. But it is coming, and it’s imperative to prepare now. How do you effectively re-start your business in a controlled manner, with stores re-opening based on regional conditions, and consumers finally venturing out from behind their computers and mobile devices? Many retailers were working hard or struggling to be competitive before the pandemic. The focus now is to quickly reset at least to where you were before the retail lockdown started, but perhaps there’s an opportunity to go further. How quickly your team can respond and rise to the challenge will determine your place in the future pecking order, if not survival itself.

In the podcast version of the 3rd webinar in Parker Avery’s Reconstructing Retail series, Robert Kaufman and Clay Parnell are joined by industry expert Joe Skorupa in helping you:

  • Understand what your leadership team should be thinking about now and how to prepare for Day 1
  • Learn how to consider a roadmap for the first week, first month, and the initial 1-2 seasons back after being closed
  • Hear survey results from other retailers on their experiences, concerns, and plans
  • Consider how important accurate and timely data and related analytics will be to ensuring effective decision-making