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ATLANTA, Georgia  September 14, 2020.  The Parker Avery Group, a leading retail and consumer goods consulting firm, has revolutionized traditional demand analytics with the company’s proprietary demand forecasting platform. As the heart of Parker Avery’s advanced analytics offerings, the platform can be deployed in a “results as a service” manner, leveraging the firm’s considerable analytics and business process competencies.

Building on the firm’s existing strong base of industry, solution implementation, strategy, and change management expertise, Chief Analytics Officer, Sam Iosevich and his team of data scientists have successfully deployed the analytics service in several major consumer brands with overwhelmingly positive results—and in considerably shorter timeframes than typical analytics solution implementations. The demand forecasting platform can be deployed in as little as six weeks.

“A great example is our recent work at US Foods,” says Iosevich. “Their objective was to ultimately attain 99.5% accuracy in their high-level forecasts by developing an open source demand forecasting system—a project that would have taken at least a year to develop and implement internally. Within the first two months of coming on board, we helped them achieve 99.45% accuracy. Plus, they’ve already been able to extend the platform’s capabilities beyond the initial scope.”

Parker Avery’s President & Managing Partner, Clay Parnell cites the Tailored Intelligence differentiating factors, “Our sophisticated analytics platform and service offerings are being implemented in billion-dollar brands because they are not only on the cutting-edge of analytics but can also handle massive volumes of data from diverse sources.” Parnell adds, “On a weekly basis, we are meeting with major grocers, consumer goods brands, manufacturers, and even telecom companies because of their desire to quickly attain meaningful analytics results while being able to also scale tremendously with additional data sets and extension of the platform’s capabilities.”

The Parker Avery Group’s analytics team comprises experts with PhDs in mathematics and deep experience in data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. “Bringing these profound skills inside the walls of retailers and consumer brands represents the perfect blend of art and science,” says Iosevich. “Our clients are now able to understand the science and use the outcomes to deliver meaningful results in their operations.”

The firm’s demand analytics platform is also supported by the Tailored Intelligence Advisory Board, which includes retail and consumer goods (CPG) industry executives and data science Ph.Ds. from the likes of Miller/Coors, Sam’s Club, Lowe’s, and the University of Rochester. The advisory board meets on a regular basis to ensure solutions bring advanced data science into the art of merchandising, retailing, and consumer goods demand forecasting.

Note: In 2023, the firm rebranded its analytics offerings to the name Enterprise Intelligence to reflect expanded scope of functional areas the solution encompasses, such as retail price optimization.

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