Retailers and consumer brands cannot rely solely on past performance to predict the future.

This tenet has always been true, but 2020 and the pandemic have intensified the focus and accelerated the need for self-reflection and change.

Key Focus Areas

We’ve broadly grouped key focus areas into the following objectives:

Justifiably so, a common theme in today’s world is speed to value. As such, all of the above objectives must be addressed thoughtfully and collectively, but with greater urgency. Parker Avery is concentrating on these areas with many of our clients, and they demonstrate a heightened need for collaboration across the enterprise. We must stress, however, that today’s unpredictable world also necessitates a keen focus on decisiveness. A recent article about Whole Foods Market in Winsight Grocery Business underpins this theme.

Collaborative Decisiveness

Indeed, this “collaborative decisiveness” is a lofty and perhaps uncomfortable combination for many companies where traditional corporate silos exist. Not only are departments suddenly expected to work closely together, but also to mutually make decisions considerably quicker than in the past. We must emphasize that successfully uniting these two objectives necessitates solid communication and change management plans. Effectively planned and executed, change and communication strategies can dramatically flatten the productivity dip and resistance often observed with business process and organizational changes.

Moving through 2021, we are optimistic that the resiliency we witnessed in many companies throughout last year will continue to strengthen. As we work with our clients on business transformation and analytics projects, we are infusing the principle of collaborative decisiveness to fortify their ability to quickly and cohesively adapt to an increasingly dynamic world.

If you would like to discuss your own initiatives or challenges regarding any of the above focus areas, we’d love to hear from you.

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