Predicting the Future: Retail's New World

Webinar | May 7, 2020

Predicting the Future: Retail’s New World

Even as we work to ramp back up, re-open stores, and improve our view of current inventory positions, we need to start developing perspectives of future sales and inventory demand. The ability to predict and react quickly to customer demand is critical, along with having a common demand signal that can help support various functions across planning, pricing, and fulfillment. Retailers can view this near-term period as an opportunity to significantly enhance their ability to quickly and dynamically drive business insights for improved decision making.

In this fourth and final session of our Reconstructing Retail webinar series, you will understand:

  • The challenges and options for considering future demand as the COVID-19 crisis lessens and our retail economy begins to re-open
  • How AI/ML tools can be used to provide dynamic demand signals and quickly produce multiple scenarios
  • Options for addressing short-term inventory, allocation, and replenishment challenges while planning for future demand