Unleashing Your "Superpowers"

An interview with Rob Gentry

Unleashing Your "Superpowers"

In this transcript version of our Talk Retail to Me podcast, we welcome the newest member of the Parker Avery team, Rob Gentry. While he’s fairly new to our firm, Rob is certainly not new to the retail industry. He has over 20 years of consulting and project management experience across a wide variety of retail clients. Rob has managed or led several successful, multi-year retail transformation projects for several brands. He’s worked with leading software offerings in the areas of merchandise financial planning (MFP), product lifecycle management (PLM), order management, supply chain, logistics, and point of sale (POS). He most recently departed from Tradestone Software (now Bamboo Rose), and we are very pleased to have Rob aboard.

Rob is interviewed by his long-time colleague Deanna Emsley and hosted by Tricia Gustin. Deanna joined the firm early in 2020—in January before the world fell apart, so she’s been able to witness this entire firm go through what everyone else has gone through and brings her own unique perspective.

This podcast episode not only showcases Rob’s past experience and his “superpowers,” but also shines a light on what it’s like to work with The Parker Avery Group and the firm’s own unique character that truly sets it apart from the rest of the consulting world.

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