The Bright Future of Brick-and-Mortar Retail

Amazon’s continued move into brick-and-mortar (aka physical) retail can be seen as further proof that the terminal demise of the physical store has been slightly—if not largely—exaggerated. Rather, brick-and-mortar retail is evolving to meet new customer expectations and address the continuous change in the overall retail landscape.

This evolution continues in a similar way that village markets morphed into malls, strip centers, and eventually “lifestyle” centers years ago. For many reasons, physical shopping will continue to generate a significant portion of retail revenue. As such, Amazon’s move into the physical store space makes plenty of sense for the behemoth retailer.

Traditional retailers, take heed: understanding why brick-and-mortar is important to Amazon should guide your own omnichannel strategies. Let’s explore four key drivers behind the bright future of brick-and-mortar retail.