Swarali Thorat

Analytics Consultant​

Swarali Thorat, Analytics Consultant

Swarali enjoys challenging herself by applying her skills to developing data-driven solutions for retail and CPG business stakeholders.

Swarali Thorat is an aspiring data scientist with a skill set that spans statistical thinking, optimization, and machine learning. She has devised and utilized algorithms and models to mine big data stores, perform data and error analysis to improve models, and clean and validate data for uniformity and accuracy. Swarali is also well-versed in Python with statistical analysis engaged in data mining, predictive modeling, time series analysis, and other statistical analyses. She completed her MSc in statistics from MIT World Peace University and has taught machine learning to post-graduate MSc statistics students. Swarali and her family live in Pune, where she enjoys hiking, badminton, football, and reading.

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