Pricing and Promotions Services

Parker Avery has deep expertise across a broad array of clients in creating and implementing strategic pricing and promotions capabilities. We focus on essential competencies such as regular price optimization, markdown management, and promotions management. Our services include developing omnichannel pricing and promotional strategies and designing the supporting processes, policies, and organizations.

Our extensive experience with leading and emergent solution providers helps us assess, select, and implement pricing solutions that best support your desired future state. We also help clients develop roadmaps to address the many pricing and promotions changes engendered by an increasingly omnichannel environment.

Strategy and Policy

Our professionals work with you to identify and set industry leading strategies that are tailored for your business. We infuse these strategies into defined, actionable roadmaps that achieve your objectives within budget and on time.

Business Process Improvement

Leading retail and consumer brand pricing and promotions procedures drive efficiency and improve profit performance. We focus on opportunities to improve, simplify, and standardize your future state business processes to deliver meaningful business results.

Effectiveness Assessment

Leveraging our firm’s expansive analytics expertise, we perform deep data analysis on customer response to promotions and pricing tactics.  Based on these analyses, we recommend specific changes to optimize our clients’ return on invested resources.

Solution Selection and Implementation

With Parker Avery’s deep experience in the pricing and promotions solution landscape, we help identify and vet the system that aligns best with your future state requirements. Coupling our industry best practices and leading solutions expertise, we partner with you through all stages of solution implementation to ensure you achieve desired capabilities.

Value Realization

With any solution implementation it is imperative to maximize efficiency and financial benefits. Our team assesses strategy, organization, process, and configuration and recommends adjustments to optimize the return on investments of our clients’ systems.

Pricing and Promotions Case Studies

We invite you to read a few of our latest client case studies focused on Parker Avery’s pricing and promotions services. For a full understanding of our experience, please visit our Case Studies page.

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