Merchandising and Category Management Services

We have deep and varied experience helping clients improve their merchandising and category management functions. We assess the health of your existing capabilities, outline your future state requirements, develop a prioritized roadmap so you can attain desired capabilities, as well as evaluate and select supporting solutions. These selections typically lead to solution implementations, during which we lead future business process improvements while infusing change management and training strategies and tactics. As a result, new capabilities are adopted and sustained by your organization.

Core merchandising and enterprise functions are foundational elements for all retail and consumer product organizations. They are the heart of enabling your brand’s value proposition but rarely are given enough strategic attention. As such, it is critical that these processes and systems are analyzed for fit to ensure they support your company’s current initiatives and long-term vision. Parker Avery will assess how well your core systems and processes are aligned with your business needs, identify where gaps exist in your existing capabilities, and ou