Reconstructing Retail Post COVID-19

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During this global pandemic, The Parker Avery Group has been focused on helping retailers and consumer brands successfully navigate out of the COVID-19 environment and position themselves for success.

We partnered with retail consultant and strategic advisor Joe Skorupa to provide a series of 45-minute webinars, themed “Reconstructing Retail.”

The overall goal of this webinar series is to provide retailers and consumer brands with pragmatic advice they can immediately employ to ensure near-term viability and long-term success.

The four-part series is now complete, and we invite you to review the replays, read the blog transcripts (including Q&A from the sessions), listen to the podcast audio versions, and download the presentation decks, all of which are provided below.

April 16, 2020
Triaging Your Inventory: Decisions for Stability

For those non-essential retailers with all doors closed, almost all store commerce has been stopped for weeks, and we can’t say with certainty when stores will re-open. PO’s have been cancelled or deferred. Inventory is stale and inventory accuracy might be in question. How do you plan now for steps that need to take place in advance of re-opening and as operations resume? This practical session will help you consider measures to stabilize an unknown environment, minimize the impact of the excess, stale, and displaced inventory, as well as manage the risks of future inventory plans.

In this first webinar of Parker Avery’s Reconstructing Retail series, you will learn:

  • How to evaluate potential inventory options – risk vs. reward
  • How to think about your assortments moving forward
  • How to consider future demand, by channel, based on likely store opening and ramp-up scenarios
  • What systems and tools will be most useful as you manage through the immediate season and simultaneously plan for the next
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April 23
Mobilizing & Sustaining a Resilient Organization

Have you considered what type of leadership and support your team will need on day one? Do the traditional leadership and change management models feel outdated to you now? Parker Avery’s industry experts will share tools and frameworks that surpass typical approaches and are more relevant in today’s environment, so you can confidently guide teams through this transformational period. We’ll provide real-world examples you and your teams can use during the first weeks “back” as you tease out the business practices and behaviors that will carry you into the future.

In this second webinar of Parker Avery’s Reconstructing Retail series, you will:

  • Understand how to prepare yourself to lead in a post-COVID 19 world
  • Gather skills, tools, and frameworks to prepare your team for Day 1 and build resiliency
  • Understand the stages of personal change and learn how to identify and assist your team members during the early weeks of return
  • Learn how to collectively assess “lessons learned” and determine which elements your team wants to continue into the new world
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April 30
Beginning the Journey: Emerge from COVID-19

For those retailers that are most impacted by COVID-19 and are either completely shut down or only operating with limited direct to consumer fulfillment, we can’t predict exactly when current conditions will allow re-opening of stores and operations. But it is coming, and it’s imperative to prepare now. How do you effectively re-start your business in a controlled manner, with stores re-opening based on regional conditions, and consumers finally venturing out from behind their computers and mobile devices? Many retailers were working hard or struggling to be competitive before the pandemic. The focus now is to quickly reset at least to where you were before the retail lockdown started, but perhaps there’s an opportunity to go further. How quickly your team can respond and rise to the challenge will determine your place in the future pecking order, if not survival itself.

In this third webinar of Parker Avery’s Reconstructing Retail series, you will:

  • Understand what your leadership team should be thinking about now and how to prepare for Day 1
  • Learn how to consider a roadmap for the first week, first month, and the initial 1-2 seasons back after being closed
  • Hear survey results from other retailers on their experiences, concerns, and plans
  • Consider how important accurate and timely data and related analytics will be to ensuring effective decision-making
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May 7
Predicting the Future: Retail’s New World

Even as we work to ramp back up, re-open stores, and improve our view of current inventory positions, we need to start developing perspectives of future sales and inventory demand. The ability to predict and react quickly to customer demand is critical, along with having a common demand signal that can help support various functions across planning, pricing, and fulfillment. Retailers can view this near-term period as an opportunity to significantly enhance their ability to quickly and dynamically drive business insights for improved decision making.

In this fourth and final session of our Reconstructing Retail webinar series, you will understand:

  • The challenges and options for considering future demand as the COVID-19 crisis lessens and our retail economy begins to re-open
  • How AI/ML tools can be used to provide dynamic demand signals and quickly produce multiple scenarios
  • Options for addressing short-term inventory, allocation, and replenishment challenges while planning for future demand

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