Mobilizing & Sustaining a Resilient Organization

Podcast | June 4, 2020

Have you considered what type of leadership and support your team will need on day one? Do the traditional leadership and change management models feel outdated to you now? Parker Avery’s industry experts will share tools and frameworks that surpass typical approaches and are more relevant in today’s environment, so you can confidently guide teams through this transformational period. We’ll provide real-world examples you and your teams can use during the first weeks “back” as you tease out the business practices and behaviors that will carry you into the future.

In this podcast excerpt of our Reconstructing Retail webinar series, Parker Avery change management and retail experts Kathi Toll, Deanna Emsley, and Marty Anderson are joined by industry analyst Joe Skorupa in helping you understand:

  • Understand how to prepare yourself to lead in a post-COVID 19 world
  • Gather skills, tools, and frameworks to prepare your team for Day 1 and build resiliency
  • Understand the stages of personal change and learn how to identify and assist your team members during the early weeks of return
  • Learn how to collectively assess “lessons learned” and determine which elements your team wants to continue into the new world