As Parker Avery gets ready for next week’s RIS “Cross Channel Retail Executive Summit,” we are sponsoring in Dallas, my thoughts of course are around omnichannel. Last week’s blog post was also about omnichannel – it was focused on our recent Point of View about inventory optimization and how fulfillment options are so important during this upcoming shopping season. All very true and very relevant.

This week’s post is centered on Parker Avery’s focus for the upcoming summit: omnichannel maturity. Certainly being able to deliver on the promise of multiple fulfillment options represents a fairly high level of omnichannel maturity. However, there are many other factors that make up the different levels of integrated channel maturity, and Parker Avery is excited to be hosting a workshop where we will be discussing with retailers how they navigated through each stage:

Single Channel > Multi Channel > Cross Channel > Omnichannel

In this intimate conference setting, we will talk first hand about what challenges the workshop participants overcame and what actual business objectives they were hoping for – and then actually achieved – as they moved through each stage.

Parker Avery’s omnichannel maturity framework is designed to assist retailers on their journey to true channel integration. During our discussions, we will highlight the questions a retailer should be asking as they move the business functions from single channel models to full omnichannel integration. We will also have discussions around the fact that being omnichannel may not make sense for some retailers – for example pure plays – but knowing the pitfalls to avoid and best practices in each model will surely be beneficial to all.

We are looking forward to some lively dialog and insights as workshop participants learn, understand and discuss the different challenges, implications and capabilities needed to address the changes to customer experience, organization, process and systems.

It will be interesting to see how different retailers at the summit view themselves. My guess is that most are still cross-channel, with some characteristics of omnichannel sprinkled through their business model, but not quite yet having achieved true channel integration. And granted, this is no small feat. It requires a significant change, not only systemically, but rippled throughout the entire enterprise: people and processes must change as well.

So if you are planning on attending the Cross Channel Retail Executive Summit, we look forward to seeing you there. If not, check back with us over the next week or so, when we will be posting about our findings (keeping names confidential of course).

Shop on.

– Tricia

Published On: September 19, 2013Categories: Omnichannel, Omnichannel Maturity, Tricia Chismer Gustin