Project Description

After weeks, months, or even years of research, requirements gathering, and vendor demonstrations, your company is embarking on a retail system implementation. The new system may be replacing a simple process area in your business and have relatively few organizational impacts, or it may be replacing a very complex set of processes with touchpoints across your entire enterprise. Either way, users are going to have preconceived notions of the new system and the implementation process. Some users will rely on horror stories based on past software implementations, while others will claim the last implementation was challenging (and expensive) but ultimately proved to be a wise move for their company.

Based on significant experience with retail system implementations across multiple solution vendors, various functional areas, different retail industry segments, as well as a variety of implementation partners, Parker Avery has identified some of the most common thoughts regarding software implementations. In this point of view, we have classified them as fact or fiction.

Let’s take a look at these possible misconceptions and explore how understanding and proactively addressing them can help guide your own retail system implementation planning.