Project Description

Comprehensive project management, change management, implementation, and post-implementation support for a client’s new centralized pre-production and production tracking system.

The Client

A $4 billion, specialty retailer and wholesaler of private label children’s clothing, footwear and accessories

Pre-Production and WIP Tracking

The Challenge

The client managed their purchase order work-in-process tracking (aka production tracking) in various, manually created and updated Excel spreadsheets that were distributed by their agents and vendors, for each strategic business unit. A pilot program was attempted to minimize much of the manual effort required to manage these spreadsheets, but it did not eliminate the numerous inherent errors.

The client recognized the increasing need for a centralized, enterprise pre-production and production tracking system, and identified a solution that would have a similar look and feel to the familiar spreadsheets, but without many of the issues.

The Parker Avery Solution

The Parker Avery Group provided project management, change management, and implementation support for the client’s pre-production and production tracking project through the following activities:

Solution Blueprint

  • Defined the future pre-production and production tracking business processes and requirements

Solution Design

  • Validated the processes and requirements with the business
  • Designed solution functionality in conjunction with the client and vendor resources

Solution Implementation

  • Oversaw the configuration and development of the solution
  • Assisted with system integration and user acceptance testing activities
  • Assisted with the development of training materials and training delivery

Deployment and Post-implementation Support

  • Provided post-production support until the solution was stabilized and transitioned to the client’s help desk